Netflix in Talks with Disney to Keep Marvel & Lucasfilm Movies

Earlier this week is without the Disney s planning to launch their own streaming service moving them one step closer to the world domination Walt Disney dreamed about before being frozen in place under tomorrow and that left many fans believing that they would no longer be able to watch.

Disney produced properties on Netflix oh the humanity but hold on not so fast you just might still be able to we have a corporate negotiation update I m Ken apps off I m still buffering and this is Collider news Disney s direct to consumer VOD service will hit in as well as an ESPN or Xvideos base services and a clearer picture of what films and shows will be where is emerging so I still suggest taking notes any Pixar and Disney released from on will be on the Disney Service moves like frozen to toy story for the live action retelling of The Lion King won t be on any other service but Disney Disney s deal with Netflix which allows Netflix to run.

Disney Marvel Lucasfilm properties alongside the complete run of cheers that once our sex rated comedy you watch well no one is looking is up in regardless of the new streaming service or not but Netflix is currently negotiating to re up the arrangement Marvel and Lucasfilm properties would be the focus of that deal so basically this is about how you re going to be able to watch the final act of rogue one going forward now Disney could take those Marvel and Star Wars delights to another service like Hulu or even HBO or videos porno gratis but the Netflix would seem to be the preferred partner keeping them would seem to be important from Netflix since the Disney.

Service was announced Netflix stock has dropped seven percent not good news for a popular company which recently announced money problems now the final question is what about Marvel TV show titles where can I be disappointed by Iron Fist well that s an entirely separate deal for now your Marvel Street heroes will still be on Netflix kind of makes you wish for the days when your television had three channels and if you wanted to watch Star Wars again.

All you had to do with rewind at VHS a comment below about how old and out of touch I am Disney service launches in no price point has been announced but get ready to add another bills your monthly entertainment services for more on this story another movie news headlines catch movies on Monday through Friday on Collider video Kanab suck and that was collider news Music.